Clay Mask - Fragrance free 100 ml

Clay Mask - Fragrance free 100 ml

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Clay mask is a refreshing mask that is created for the purpose of cleansing and refreshing your skin while minimizing your pores and reducing unevenness and impure skin. It is a combination of Iris extract, zinc salt and vitamin A, which together create the effect in Ecooking's Clay Mask. The active ingredients have both a therapeutic and preventive effect.The mask contains an asset of Pseudomonas Altermonas, which is extracted from mud from Antarctica. It reduces the amount of sebum production in the sebaceous glands that causes the skin to become oily and shiny. The mask gently counteracts irritation and soothes redness, so your skin feels nice and soothed.In addition, it contains ingredients that increase the regeneration of the cells in the skin, e.g. Vitamin A.Vegan & dermatologically tested.

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