Nike Product - Orpiva Test

Nike Product - Orpiva Test

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How it works - 2 options:

Option 1 - Brands on to platform:

  • We connect the brand to the market place (sign up and register) - creating a shop
  • They upload their products they want for a campaign 
  • We connect their product into our custom app
  • Then Circle Buy manages the rules for the campaign - time live, discount, group size and who in the group
  • Regarding influencers and ambassadors we create the group with the influencers included who each get their own affiliate link to promote


Option 2 - Orpiva connection to the platform:

  • Same as above apart from having Orpiva connect to the marketplace and they create an Orpiva shop and uploads products on behalf of brands 

How to unlock group discounts:

Discount Price is unlocked, when you have the right number of friends, or you buy the minimum quantity needed


Find your discount

Select the discounted product price

Start your group

Complete checkout with discounted price (you won't be charged yet)

Invite friends

Share your custom group link to complete your circle

Unlock discounts

Once your group is complete you'll all be charged and receive your products


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